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Sculpted Stone Paths

Mossy Wet Stones Snow Covered Stones Sand Covered Stones Stylized Stones


Labour And Wait


Naming Convention & Artstation

Blog Entry 27/04/2017 Naming Convention Changes & ArtStation So I ran into some problems with the way 3DS Max loaded in the materials. Sometimes it was the case…

Continuation of the Learning Process

AK Hard Surface Modelling Blog Entry 23/04/2017 Now my final project is all but completed, I’ve been continuing my practice of hard surface modeling techniques, As I felt this…

Final Project Documents and Milestone Update

Final Project Documents and Milestone Update Blog Entry 23/04/2017 These are the two documents which will be presented in my hand in version, Those being the Deliverables/Marking Criteria and…

Unity Renders

Blog Entry 14/04/2017 Unity Renders I’ll keep the renders in a separate post so I can keep it to renders only.

Render Setup In Unity

Blog Entry 14/04/2017 Rendering In Unity  So I’ve done my renders inside of Unity now. I’ve learned over the past few years when it comes to Unity renders…

Corvette SpaceShip

Destroyer SpaceShip

BattleShip SpaceShip

Marmoset Files

Blog Entry 07/04/2017 Marmoset Viewers   So as part of my last blog Marmoset was decided on being included in my dissertation deliverables. These are the ships now…

Start of Rendering and Last Materials

Blog Entry 24/03/2017 Last PBR Materials Added and Marmoset Rendering So last week I talked about the last two PBR materials I was adding. This week I’ve completed…

Texture Adjustments and LOD Presentation

Blog Entry 17/03/2017 Texture Adjustments and Scene Tidying I started assembling my hand in the version for the dissertation by starting to clean up the scene and deciding…