Blog Entry 27/04/2017

Naming Convention Changes & ArtStation

So I ran into some problems with the way 3DS Max loaded in the materials.

Sometimes it was the case it would mix up the materials with one of the other

ships and mess everything up. This was the case because my naming convention

was “Section1_Albedo”, this isn’t specific to the ship, meaning 3DS

Max got confused in some instances. It didn’t happen every time but it was

enough to make me change with the fear it could happen on submission day. So

I’ve made changes to make each material specific to each ship, so now the

convention is “Corvette_Section1_Albedo”. I’m keeping with capitals and full

length material names as it helps me avoid the confusion when it comes to

lower case shorthand. It also lines up better when it comes to dragging the

materials into a Muti-Sub Object material where they would be sharing the

same material name.


I’ve also gone ahead and uploaded my renders to ArtStation along with a few

other pieces of work. Its a start, but with time I’ll be able to grow my body of

work and hopefully communicate with numerous professionals on the site.