Blog Entry 24/03/2017

Last PBR Materials Added and Marmoset Rendering

So last week I talked about the last two PBR materials I was adding. This week I’ve

completed them for the battleship, also now completing the textures needed

for a PBR workflow. I have made a slight change to my albedo material, in that

I’ve combined it with my AO map to allow it be visible in 3DS Max.


From my research, for the portfolio module, I found that Marmoset was a tool used

by professional 3D artists to show off their models. It was a real-time rendering

tool unlike Keyshot, and this characteristic puts it in line with a real-time game

engine like Unity. Marmoset also does a great job with lighting allowing the

program to take advantage of all the PBR materials I’ve created. With all this

setup work in Marmoset, the viewer can be shown the results in a sliding

viewport mode of the materials attached to the object displayed. For this

reason, I’ve decided to change any renders inside of 3DS Max to that of

equivalence inside of Marmoset, with a link to an appropriate viewer marked