So I’ve got acceptance of my updated marking criteria now since the change of my dissertation title. This is shown below.

Dissertation Title:

“An investigation into the inherent

problems associated with the production of LOD spaceships in a modern, real-time game engine.”


Deliverables –

Component 1:  LOD’d Models:

Produce 3 spaceship(3 Types) models each with associated LOD tiers. These models should meet the below poly counts, 10% either side.  There will be 9 models altogether.

LOD Battleships:

High = 40,000

Med = 24,000

Low = 14,400

LOD Destroyer:

High = 20,000

Med = 12,000

Low = 7,200

LOD Corvette:

High = 10,000

Med = 6,000

Low = 3,600


Materials & Textures:

-Each Spaceship type is allowed 1 Muti-Sub material, this can include up to 9 materials per Muti-Sub material.

-Each material must contain the necessary materials for a PBR workflow. Albedo, Metallic, Roughness, Normals (detailed optional), Displacement and AO.

-Texture maps must be 2048×2048 pixels.

-All Models should comply with Pre-Export Checks.


Component 2: LOD Workflow Document

-1000 word written document outlining the adherent problems with LOD, such as those to do with retopology, UV stability with a concentration on the lower LODs and the importance of texture density. The document must clearly state how you have interpreted these issues in your own models giving detailed analysis of your own workflow with reference to industry practise.


Renders:(Within Unity)

-There will be renders from inside Unity to prove the LOD workflow doesn’t effect the model with a contemporary, real time game engine. They will be presented in an environment which isn’t necessarily a representation of game play but to show off the model.

3 Renders for each of the High poly models.

1 Render for each of the Medium Poly LOD models.

1 Render for each of the Low Poly LOD models.

1 Render containing all three LODs together.

Totalling = 18 KeyShot Renders (6 Renders Per Ship Type)


Renders:(Within Keyshot)

-All LOD model should be rendered within the chosen program of Keyshot, these renders should be annotated with Poly Count and Title.

3 Renders for each of the High poly models.

Totalling = 9 KeyShot Renders


-1000 word written document demonstrating the skills and workflows used in this dissertation have a valued place In the industry workplace.  You must be able to show 4 key jobs current or previously advertised that seek the skills such as LOD, Spaceship modelling, Advanced Greebling or clean retopology.