Blog Entry 17/02/2017

Presentation Week

So I completed my dissertation presentation this week, personally, I think it went

really well, got some good feedback. I’m currently awaiting written feedback,

with this I’ll be able to focus more on my grading criteria. Here’s the



Further to the work I’ve completed this week was editing my diffuse textures

across ships types to contain metal scratches. To bring the contrast up with the

two tone colour scheme currently, I’ve used a combination of levels and curves

to achieve my desired dark metal colour scheme. I once again followed a strict

workflow document so that I was able to achieve a consistent texture result.

For the next week or so, I’m gonna continue my process of texturing inside of

photoshop and will perhaps move into another program called quixelSuite, a

program which allows you to use photoshop to build on top of already baked

normals. This will allow me to added further detailing such as bolts along panel

join for example. This is my current Diffuse Layer.