Blog Entry 10/02/2016

Finished Outputting Maps From Zbrush

So I’ve finally got every module on every ship type done with 4 textures so far,

Normal, Diffuse, AO and Cavity. My main aim now is to get into photoshop and

really start to make the diffuse come alive with detail, as currently there

are only two monochromatic colours present. The use of grime maps, metallic

surface textures and decals are all going to be used to get the surface to shout

hard surface. I’m going to complete another document to note this stage down

within photoshop so I can once again maintain texture commonality between all

modules and ship types. This should be one of the last steps I’ll need to perform

aside from creating specular maps for each module. I really want to spend as

much time as possible on this to achieve a really good look, though final project

presentations are next week, so tasks this week will most likely start after