Some changes made to the game this week have been.

-Disabling of the Carer Mesh renderer when the lights are on

-Ability for the Carer to access the upstairs

-Carer now receives a hint to the player’s location after a certain amount of time has passed, thus increasing tension.

-Carer disappears when not looked after the lights are turned back on.

-If the lights are on, the carer stands still and stares at you, until you look away

-Additional Texture Changes

We decided to tackle some problems we were about to run into with the carer, that being the piles of animation needed for all the actions the carer would perform.  Our solution to this was to simply turn off the carer’s mesh renderer when the lights are on. We believe this not only saves us work but will allow the player to assimilate with the MC better, as now an invisible presence is having an impact on the environment around them. Only when the lights are off does the carer appear to the player, in this creepy form screaming out for you in the darkness. Getting the lights back on, creates a standoff between you and the carer, with her refusing to move until you have looked away, only by that time she has vanished once again.