Blog Entry 03/02/2017

Applying the Greebling workflow document 

So I’m nearly finished in bringing the rest of the modules up to the same state as

my workflow document describes. This process has taken a long time, due to

the long wait times processing the normal maps I required, with sometimes a

30-minute time frame placed on such a task. Overall though so far, the results

have been looking really good and the technique has worked well on the UVS I

provided. I have 5 or so modules left to apply the greeble to then I should be

finished with this stage, in the meantime, this has been the only task I’ve been

carrying out this week and rounds up this short blog for this week. I’ll give all

textures a check in Unity to see how they look before deciding any further steps

once I’ve finished. Here’s the layout for my files currently, within each section

being 4 PSDs containing my textures. This is the same format for each and

every section, across all ship types.