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February 2017

Painting Model

This painting frame asset was made for “Of Whom We Hold Dear” but it contained all the latest techniques I had learnt up to now.  

Fireplace Model

The Fireplace model was made for “Of Whom We Hold Dear” and made use of techniques such as mirroring and separate but attached meshes to achieve the finished product.

Puzzle Board Model

Puzzle Board was made for “Of Whom We Hold Dear” and marks the main method of communication with the MC.

Texture Update: Presentation/Diffuse Texturing

Blog Entry 17/02/2017 Presentation Week So I completed my dissertation presentation this week, personally, I think it went really well, got some good feedback. I’m currently awaiting written…

Zbrush Update: Finished Maps In Zbrush

Blog Entry 10/02/2016 Finished Outputting Maps From Zbrush So I’ve finally got every module on every ship type done with 4 textures so far, Normal, Diffuse, AO and Cavity. My…

Final Group Project: Update 10

Some changes made to the game this week have been. -Disabling of the Carer Mesh renderer when the lights are on -Ability for the Carer to access the…

Zbrush Update: Applying Greebling For The Rest Of The Modules

Blog Entry 03/02/2017 Applying the Greebling workflow document  So I’m nearly finished in bringing the rest of the modules up to the same state as my workflow document…