Blog Entry 27/01/2017

Diffuse Texturing

So I’ve got my head round the main body of colour that the ships will use. Using my

colour palette mood boards, I was able to poly paint the underlining module one

colour, with a different colour for the greeble. This monochromatic colour

scheme I’ve chosen will make the base of further detailing to come, but I’ll be

doing further diffuse texturing in photoshop.

Being able to do this poly paint in Zbrush saves a lot of time doing this my hand.

This about wraps up my process inside of ZBrush for now, it is now a case of

bringing the other modules up to the state of this test workflow module. After

completing my workflow document, the next stage for me would be to jump

into Photoshop to do many of the unique detailing, such as decals, and other

grunge type effects. This is the checklist I’ll use for the forthcoming modules.