So I modelled some skirting boards (Top&Bottom) to hide the seams where the wall meets the floor and ceiling. The results were impressive and did a lot to distract from seams within the house.

After a design meeting this week, we decided to tweak our art style, refining it more to a Gothic Victorian esk 19th-century one. This has several consequences for the game in its current state; mainly the house, which will under some significant changes to layout later in the year. For this reason, the current house won’t change to heavily in the future and will be now used as a test bed for all of our gameplay testings. Models however now, will all incorporate the new art style into their texturing and geometry, meaning they can be moved into the new house whenever this is completed by.

Furthur tasks I’ve completed this week was the modelling and texturing of a sofa and sofa-chair, this has been implemented into the game currently. I also used the cloth modifiers for 3ds Max to create rugs we can use to cover the floors. I’ve made several types to accommodate the trashed and dirty to the straight cleaned versions, these of which can be used to help further immerse the player in the current scene and to help assimilate the player with the main character.

The notice board was also textured this week by Lee, who took the noticeboard I had modelled and unwrapped and applied the updated wood texture. After this had been done, I swapped out the old with the new version.