I spent a lot of time this week sorting out the house models UVs making sure everything was squared, So I was able to go through and texture everything without too many issues. The theme and age of the house were critical to visualising the age of the MC, without lots of in-game text.  So theming our house to that of a 19th-century design was important to subconsciously say to our players that the MC is relatively old.

I made sure that the sorts of colours we had identified in our style guide, the likes of reddish-browns and creamy colours were applied to types of designs I found which suited the theme. The texture currently is acting almost a backdrop for everything else to sit on top of. There are lots of seams currently which need to be hidden, and we have a plan to cover most with the likes of skirting boards, rugs curtains, and furniture. These are all models we are starting to create to bring to life the environment the MC is living within.

Here are some current texture screengrabs of the house.