As we have broken up for Christmas, tasks have been on the down low as we all eat lots of chocolate and play Cluedo, but I have managed to square away some tasks for the game this week.

-Carer model in the game

-Essential lighting changes

The two changes I made this week gave me an exciting emotional response, it’s the first time I’ve experienced a sharp creepy shiver when playing our game,  and it’s something I’m really excited about.  This really stems from the newly modelled carer, this of which I did inside of ZBrush. Currently, I’ve designed a nurses apron around her neck, future items like shoes can be added at a later date. The model itself is really on its way to creating this sense of panic from the player, this was something we struggled with before, the question of, How will the player be scared of this character at first contact? Now we have a human figure, but without any facial features, I think this goes along way to creating a real creepy atmosphere when you’re in her presence. We can only expect to enhance this with animation and sound in the future.

Carer Model, with Apron

Lighting is now something which is along the lines of where we want it, pitch black. It plays to the strength of many difference components in the game, Firstly, it enhances the fusebox mechanic; now it’s imperative that you keep it going or face the darkness, with a looming carer on your shoulder. Secondly, it enhances the carers actions in the darkness itself, her frantic sweeping motions with her torch, shouting out for you, go along way to creating a dangerous environment for the player.

First Sighting of the Carer

The Carer When The Lights Are Out