Blog Entry 29/12/2016

Finished Pre-Export Checks

A lesson I learnt from last week’s blogs was that importing objects which had

overlapping UVS, Figure 1.(Image), could become an issue when it came to

creating a texture map from poly paint inside Zbrush. From my understanding,

having overlapping textures could cause some UV fighting inside of ZBrush

which could lead to unwanted results.  To avoid any issues with overlapping

UVs, I decided on only importing the unique UVs associated with an object. This

meant that I needed to break apart some of the models to obtain the unique

UVs I needed, for example, the turret,  I didn’t need half of the model, some

lower half detail and half a barrel. It didn’t matter that the model looked

deformed when in Zbrush, Figure 2.(Image), because I knew the missing

geometry was all overlapping UVs, doing it this way has two main benefits.

Firstly I can guarantee I won’t run into issues with overlapping UVs inside of

ZBrush (Because I don’t have any in the imported model) and secondly, I save

myself time in only having to texture one unique instance of that object.


Figure 1. Because this version contains overlapping UVs, Zbrush could find it difficult to transfer poly paint to the UVs.

Figure 2. Improved version, with no overlapping UVs, much better for Zbrush.


So as said in last week’s blogs it was time to focus on pre-export checks and

finalising the UVs in place for bringing everything into ZBrush. This list contains

the controls I performed on the models. Note that when I use the

symmetry modifier there will be overlapping faces, but for a unique part of the

mesh I’ve made sure the following are put right.


-Polys are legal

-No Overlapping Faces

-Open faces are fixed when symmetry modifier applied

-No Isolated Vertices

-No Multiple Edges

-No Overlapping Vertices

-No Missing UVW Coordinates

-No Flipped UVW Faces

-No Overlapped UVW Faces


So all of the models now conform to this list and are ready to be brought into

Zbrush. I want to focus on other work for a week, so will re-start on the ~9th

December to re-align with my milestones blog set out in my proposal.