Tasks this week were as follows.

-As a designer, I want the player to approach the carer in memory 2

-As a user, I want the air to feel dustier to show how messy the place is in earlier memories

-Start on the creation of the carer.

So I began to implement the movement characteristics of the carer this week. Memory 2 involves the player finding the carer within the kitchen of the house, this process of entering through the kitchen doorway startles the carer into starting up her movement pathing. This pathing includes a list of nodes within different rooms; the carer picks a random node from the list on arrival at her next destination. When the lights go out, aka, when the fusebox runs out of money, the movement characteristics are still the same, in that the carer paths between nodes.  The changes are that the carer while pathing, is now frantically waving a torch in an 180-degree arc in search for the player. This searching is completed via raycasting, and in whatever position, the carer is in if the player is raycasted, then carer charges towards you at a greater speed. Only putting extra money in the fusebox or using the emergency switch stops the carer on her search/charge towards you, only this returns her to her normal pathing.


A small addition I made to the general ambience was the addition of a dust particle effect. Though the environment is still relatively bare regarding assets, for such an easy addition it adds to a greater sense of immersion. The character model is something I’m going to start on in the coming days, ill be using zbrush for the model itself, but will ensure to keeps to a low poly art style, with real basic features.