Tasks this week were as follows.

-Create the railings which go around the first floor.

– Create a drastic difference between the prologue and memory one environment

– Lock camera movement out in animations

– Prologue/Memory 1 has no time pressures on the player


Now with the fundamental mechanics completed, we’re starting to turn to the design and the population of the environmental assets which we’ll need a lot of.  It was felt that for the prologue it was key to get the player following the path along the hallway. So I created the first-floor railing models, and placed them in the game, they’re not textured yet but ensures we can now mimic the player’s actions.

Using some assets I had already made, I placed them in the game to help bring about a difference between the prologue and memory 1. The first environment being clean and tidy with light coming through the window, in contrast to memory one which is destroyed, dirty, and dark. In combination with a change to the skybox to modify the light levels, I tilted and upturned models to give that dramatic change we were looking for.

Locking the player movement camera out of the animations was a bug I fixed this week, it was a relatively straightforward fix, Boolean! This, fortunately, was able to be hooked into with the puzzle camera, in which we also needed the player movement halted.


Small changes such as the timers not having effects in the prologue and memory 1 were simple as I just used the enum associated with the level to terminate the timers we didn’t want to affect the player. That being the fusebox and the blackout timer.