Entry 09/12/2016

Keeping Texture Density Resolution 


I’m doing my best this week in an attempt to keep the texture resolution across the

model the same. I’m using a tool called Textools which has the ability to let you

select the resolution you desire and apply it to the UVS for the rest of your

model. I used the resolution from my turret as it was already unwrapped and

contained a decent texture density, applying this same resolution across the

rest of the model causes the UV’s to go out of the 0-1 boundaries, meaning I

needed to go back and reorganise/repack my UVs  without scaling down (losing

resolution) back to within the boundaries. Figure 1&2(Image) I’ve started the

long process of this with the battleship model and using techniques which

include overlapping identical meshes and creating seams I’m working slowly to

ensure that when it comes to texturing my model it will ensure a smooth

transition to the models UVs.


Figure 1. Like for Like detailing on the underside grouped together


Figure 2. Engines UVS more compacted allowing for greater detail.