So this week my tasks were to:

-Model a set of stairs the player could use to access the second floor

– Complete new fall and black out animations and suitable triggers

-Fix bugs with the lights turning off

-Have all the scenes populated and code which correctly selects the next memory.

So the stairs are modelled now, only requiring a texture to make them completed, but it was enough to redo the falling animation. The other animations which I completed were the blackout animation, where the player falls to the floor with a failure state and fades to black. The other being a progression animation where the player falls backwards fading to white. On the progress animation, I call a function inside the animation which deals and selects the next memory scene to go to, so all scenes are now connected, with memory five returning to the prologue/epilogue, to replay the inciting incident.

stairs stairs2

I completed several bug fixes to stop exploits in the light code. The Light off functions operates in a way that, if the light was off before, its state is switched. The problem occurred as the fusebox reset switch on the wall could be called as soon as the lights started going off. This meant that turning the lights back on before they had finished switching themselves off, meant that at the end some lights were on and some were off. So to fix this, I locked out the use of the fuse box and reset fuse box switch until the lights had fully finished their operation, stopping this error from occurring again. To help in their knowledge to the management of the mechanic, I added a visual timer to show how long they have on the clock before the lights turn off.


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