Tasks this week for me were to get started on the carer pathing within the levels and texturing some of the memory related items.


To start with the carer, I used the NavMesh system built into Unity to create a mesh path which the carer can follow. Currently, I’m using default shapes to get the code side working, with the carer following the player when the lights are switched off. This is can easily be added to when we need the carer to chase the player when inside a puzzle interface, we can also change the particular path the carer takes. I need to develop a searching function, as the carer currently is all knowing and moves straight towards the player. As regards to the furniture within the level, they are marked as nav mesh obstacles, these obstacles create a hole in the mesh, meaning the carer can’t go through the object.



With the texturing workflow, I’m still finding the best way of getting good quality textures from ZBrush in a reasonable time. I’ve got three textured currently and ready to go.