Blog Entry 24/11/2016

Underside Detail & Panel Detail

I gave the underside of the ships more geometry this week. This geometry gave

extra character to the model, and was a real indicator of the state of completion

for the modelling portion, concerning broad detail.  I kept to my design

conventions of maintaining triangles and worked in geometry which allowed

the addition of finer detail for future tasks.

Corvette Figure 1.(Image)

Destroyer Figure 2.(Image)

Battleship Figure 3.(Image)

The panelling detail was an exciting stage this week. With my mesh in the square

form I had implemented already, it was easy to go around and bevel the squares

with slight extrusions and inward sloping edges. This addition was relatively

easy on the poly count with each panel only costing five polys, but its return

was impressive with it giving finer detail on the surface of the model which

suited the hard surface I’m aiming for.

Corvette Figure 5&9.(Image)

Destroyer Figure 6&8.(Image)

Battleship Figure 4&7.(Image)

Given my fast approach on my poly count targets, I’m starting to explore the ease

at which my models can be unwrapped, textured and put through 3D texturing

software. So as with next week, I’ll be trying to ensure my meshes are as clean

as possible and that the turrets are attached but floating, allowing me to get rid

of high valence vertex (More than 16 edges to 1 vertex). These types of high

valence vertex’s are often present in circles, and so I’ll be tidying them up to

form quads instead.

Further to my meeting with Dan this week, I’ll be posting on some portfolio 3D

modelling sites to gain some feedback on the models so far. Feedback such as

CC (Constructive criticism) and hopefully some tips and treats as to how to

unwrap high poly models will help with the quality of my models.



Figure 1. Corvette Underside Broad detail/Paneling


Figure 2. Destroyer Underside Broad detail/Paneling


Figure 3. Battleship Underside Broad detail/Paneling



Figure 4. Battleship Topside Paneling


Figure 5. Corvette Topside Paneling


Figure 6. Destroyer Topside Paneling



Figure 7. Battleship Topside Bridge Level Paneling


Figure 8. Destroyer Topside Bridge Level Paneling


Figure 9. Corvette Topside Bridge Level Paneling