Implement Fusebox Mechanic;

So my primary task this week was to apply the fusebox mechanic. The premise of the mechanic was to have the lights in the room controlled by a fuse box in the room. The fuse box required the player to enter coins into the machine for continued electricity if the lights went out then carer was then out to get you. The main reason for implementing such as mechanic was to increase the fun the player was experiencing as before the action of finding a memory item was boring and not fun. This new management mechanic added conflict and challenge to the players objective, and overall makes the game more fun because of it.


We still have some design choices to explore, surrounding punishment if the player doesn’t have any coins to turn the lights on, but these are things to explore further in play testing.

Regarding code, it randomly runs through an array of lights within the scene when a timer reaches zero, turning them off. Depending on the coin the player enters the timer gets some addition, and the light array gets cycled again turning everything back on.