Blog Entry 18/11/2016

Mounting the Engines and Modelling Windows

This week I brought the two other ships up to the state of the battleship, Mainly

the mounting of the engines. Both of the ships shared the same amount of

engines given their closeness in size but got two fewer engines than the

battleship. They are all meshed and legal as well now.

Corvette: Figure1&2.(Image)

Destroyer: Figure3&4.(Image)


Figure 1. Corvette Engines Rear


Figure 2. Corvette Engines Side Angle


Figure 3. Destroyer Engines Rear


Figure 4. Destroyer Engines Rear Two

I’ve also made some changes to the bridges of both the Corvette and the

Destroyer as I felt its previous shape looked too rounded. So I changed the rear

to one that was a lot more flat at the back and more angular, and now I’m happy

with the result. This change also helped a lot with placing windows, with them

being able to look more natural in their positioning.


So as I’ve mentioned the windows were completed this week as well. Window

placement was sorted a long time ago; just I needed to wait for the big pieces to

be modelled before I could spend polys on the windows.  Again keeping to

triangles, I referenced star destroyer windows Figure 5.

( for their angular shape and decided they were a

great fit for my spaceships.


Figure 5.( Star Destroyer Windows

Here’re some images of them in order

BattleShip: Figure6&7.(Image)

Destroyer: Figure8&9.(Image)


Panel work is something I’m looking into over the next week, given that

I’m getting close to poly counts I need to give the surface some more depth and

character. I need to produce some more designs to give myself the best possible

advantage on this front, though, I am relying on the texturing side to help bring

this up too.


Figure 6. BattleShip Rear Bridge Windows


Figure 7. BattleShip Front Bridge, Side Rear


Figure 8. Destroyer Bridge Rear


Figure 9. Destroyer Bridge Windows Front


Figure 10. Corvette Windows Rear


Figure 11. Corvette Windows Front


References (2016) Imperial Star Destroyer. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Nov. 2016].