Matthew Allum

Set the positions of the player in the six scenes.

So, we needed to have the players position relative to the memory they were currently in. So, in the prologue/epilogue the player could only spawn in the hallway, memories 1,2,3 only the downstairs rooms, and 4&5 are gated. Checking the scene name within an else if statement allowed me to get a spawn location relative to each room, with memories with more than one spawn location randomised.



Import the house asset into unity and set up the spawn sites in the scene

The house was also introduced into unity this week getting rid of a whole lot of grey box walls, tidying up the scene a great deal.


Correct the animations

The animations got fixed and placed back within the game this week, the biggest problem being the animations resorting back to global positions and not starting on the player’s position. Now with the animated camera placed as a child along with root motion, this problem is solved, though I’ll probably need to redo some animations as most are placeholder currently.

capture1 ofwhomweholddear ofwhomweholddear2

Change which furniture spawns and moves

To enhance the player’s sense of disorientation, the furniture moves around when a timer reaches zero in the game; it is also dependent on the current memory the player is in. How this works regarding narrative structure, is that a period passes when the player is blacked out, when they wake the furniture has moved. In the early memories, this time which passes is relatively short; this relates to the type of furniture which could move, mainly small items. The other extreme, memory 5, the largest amount of time passes in each blackout, meaning much larger furniture is moving around the house.  To deal with this issue, I’ve got several lists of furniture types which the local controllers can pick different kinds of furniture to spawn within a room. I’m still as of yet need to have a restriction placed on the controllers which take into consideration the current memory the player is in. All the current spawning furniture are cubes and will be changed at a later date.

capture4 capture3