Blog Entry 14/11/2016

Completing Meshes and Turrets

So with the end of last week I wanted to get all three ships in the same state.

That being with all the turrets attached, meshes squared and legal. I managed

to get this achieved earlier today, and sets me up later on for cutting in detail

into the model.  Destroyer images Figure 1&2.(Image)


Figure 1. Mesh Squared and Legal


Figure 2. Turrets Attached the Destroyer

This is the Corvette Figure 3&4.(Image)


Figure 3. Mesh Squared and Legal for the Corvette


Figure 4. Single Turret Attached the Corvette

Next week I need to have the engines mounted for the Destroyer and the

Corvette. I will be using the same engines from the battleship, meaning I’ve

saved some modelling work, though I’ll change the mounting positions of the

engines to best suit the ship type.