Blog Entry 08/11/2016

Completion of the Gun Turret

This week I focused on the conclusion of the gun turret. I dedicated this week

to it as it was an important piece across all three ships, just in varying

quantities. Given it’s a critical component on all three ships, I gave it a relatively

high poly count of 3,000, most of that located in the barrel itself. The body can

either be brought up to similar detail levels through texturing or baked down

normal maps. The reason I haven’t modelled such

levels of detail in that area was that of the ballooning effect of the poly

count I had already received from making the barrel legal. Due to the fact I

needed to duplicate this model on the battleship seven times I couldn’t spend

any more polys on it. If I’m left with any spare at the end, I could go back and

enhance them, but not in the foreseeable time frame as I need to move onto

other areas. I modelled the turret in half Figure 1.(Image) as I needed to place

some of the turrets in the middle of the ship, only when I mirrored the ship

would the two half’s join. For others which were not centred, I

welded the two half’s together Figure 2.(Image) and modelled them in their

correct place.



Figure 1. Turret Halved


Figure 2. Turret Halves Welded Together

So this is the side mirrored and snapped together Figure 3&4.(Image), I do this

all the time and is one of the most useful modifier tools in Max, I can quickly

make sure it looks in proportion, level, meets up, then delete it straight away

knowing it fits together.


Figure 3. All Turrets Together, Sides Mirrored (Front View)


Figure 4. All Turrets Together, Sides Mirrored (Side, Above View)

Mounting a gun on the underside of the ship was a great way of projecting

power, it creates a sense of trepidation not only due to the size but in time it

takes to fire them, often with a growing glow coming from the barrel before

their explosive firing. This was something used in Mass Effect 2 and is

used to create some spectacular moments Figure 5&8.(Vignette2.Net. 2011). I

used my already modelled turret, with the simple addition of just lengthening

its barrels to give that increased sense of firepower. Figure 6&7.(Image)


Figure 5 Mass Effect Underside Gun (Vignette2.Net. 2011)


Figure 6. Underside Gun


Figure 7. Underside Gun



Figure 8. Mass Effect, Firing Underside Gun (Vignette2.Net. 2011)

Next week, I want to have the meshes of all three ships in the same state, that

being all with the turrets in place and meshes legal. Tasks following those will be

to start working in detail such as panels, windows and smoothing certain parts

of the mesh which are too jagged.


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