Blog Entry 02/11/2016

Update on the Battleship, Destroyer & Corvette

I got a little carried away with modelling the battleship and lost my square

mesh, so I spent some time cleaning it up allowing me to cut into it easier when

the time comes. Though it’s starting to get complex, the squares are still visible

and this will only help me when it comes to texturing in ZBrush, as the textures

will evenly spread out. Figure 1&2(Image)


Figure 1. TopSide ReMeshed Battleship


Figure 2. Underside ReMeshed Battleship

The comms tower was something I had in my initial design drawings; it was

there to project some strength with its vertical structure Figure 3&4(Image). I

had completed the tower before the re-meshing took place, so it was highly

illegal regarding poly sides. However, it is now all legal and re-meshed, I’ll leave

it for now till it comes to cutting in greater detail to the model. This stage of the

models is all about getting the right shape; I have plenty of polys to add greater

detail in at a later date.


Figure 3. Battleship Comms Tower, Front View


Figure 4. Battleship Comms Tower, Rear View

From my design drawings, the Destroyer and the Corvette shared the same

shape with the destroyer a heavily weaponized and combat ready version.

When I was happy with the shape, I duplicated the shape and put it aside for the

corvette. From here I cut in the general angular shape I was looking for, with

this model containing lots more weapon hardpoints.  Below are three views of

the destroyer model so far. Figure 5,6&7(Image)


Figure 5. Destroyer Bird’s Eye View


Figure 6. Destroyer Side View


Figure 7. Destroyer Frontal Side View

The model I put aside from the destroyer model was a lot similar, given I’d done

the work already finding the shape I wanted it meant I only had to add minimal

structure to the model to indicate the nature/type of ship. The engines and the

mid-section have still got to be implemented, but since they can be copied from

the battleship, its easy work.  Below are three views of the Corvette model so

far. Figure 8,9&10(Image)


Figure 8. Corvette Bird’s Eye View


Figure 9. Corvette Side View


Figure 10. Corvette Frontal Side View

So here are the models so far in their current state. I’ve placed them in a size

order to give me some sense of scale; they may change slightly according to my

blog post on ship size, but this is just for guidance purposes for the time being.

Figure 11.(Image)


Figure 11. Scale of all Three Models