Blog Entry 30/10/2016

Modelling Start: Battleship 

Trying to place the engines within my initial designs was difficult, with

everything focused around sharp angles, it became tricky to fit them in.

Proportion and silhouette were the two factors I was trying to satisfy; I could

lose the profile I was trying to achieve by bolting big bulky engines to the

bottom for example. But I couldn’t satisfy the proportion by placing them at the

rear because of the very acute angle the back was drawn. This would have made

the engines minuscule and didn’t suit the large scale battleship I’m modelling. I

reached a compromise on the middle section in which the bridge ends in an

acute point. I went from this sharp point to a flat face Figure 1.(Image), this

didn’t damage the silhouette to negatively and allowed me to fit suitably sized

engines in the rear of the ship. I made a mock up drawing to help me find an

arrangement which looks natural but also to help in the modelling stage.


Figure 1. Rear engine placement

I’ve created platforms for which the main guns will be mounted, taken from my

design drawings, but I needed to think about the type of turret I wanted. The

dual turret was something which is striking to the eye Figure 2.(Image), it looks

menacing and is something I’m seeking to employ to get my specify response.

The use of triangles is again at play and will make up the shape of the barrel

with the rectangle nature of the gun body signifying the reliability of the

weapons themselves. Given the high poly counts I can effectively greeble the

surface of these guns as well, and even though this may take some time, I can

use these turret models in all the ships I’m creating.


Figure 2. Moodboards for turret design

These are some screen grabs of the battleship so far after the first week.  Figure

3,4,5(image) I will continue to find the shape I’m looking for before I start

cutting in detail to the model.


Figure 3. Bird’s eye view matching the design drawings


Figure 4. Engines modelled and in position


Figure 5. Gun mounts


Figure 6. Side on view