Entry 24/10/2016

Initial Concept Drawings of my SpaceShips

Taking everything I’ve researched into the physiology of shapes, I wanted to get

some drawings down on paper to help visualise my ideas on what ships I should


The most important design characteristic the ships should hold is the use of sharp

angles and lack of curves. This was the key to sub-consciously hint to the player

that this was an enemy arriving into the scene.  Design commonality was also

something else the ships needed in common with each other; they needed to

share traits which meant it was obvious that they belonged to a particular

fraction or side.

Though I’m not partially great at drawing, it was easy enough and

somewhat useful just to get a birdseye silhouette drawing down on paper, this

would allow me to at least get the starting position for my modelling.


BattleShip Type:

The battleships needed to symbolise power and strength, using a combination of

an equilateral triangle at the front and two right-angled triangles with a gap

helped create a sharp, sleek dominating silhouette which is evident from below

Figure 1&2.(image). Added strength is projected through the amount of

armament carried on board with all types of weaponry placed all over the ship.


Figure 1. Bird’s Eye view of the Battleship


Figure 2. Close up of the Battleship Type

Destroyer Type:

The design commonality was set from the battleship type, that being the use of an

equilateral triangle at the front and two right-angled triangles. The ships

needed to be instantly recognisable as being on the same side, but not looking

identical to one another. This led me to push the right angled triangles together

to form another equilateral, Figure 3.(image) This slight change gave me what I

felt was needed and enough individualism for the destroyer.


Figure 3. Close up of the Destroyer Type

Corvette Type:

The smallest of the ships doesn’t need to vary that much from the destroyer to

maintain design commonality. It can simply be the same structure as the

destroyer but contain less armament; Figure 4.(image) this will suit the ships

fast manoeuvrability and speed over the other ship types.


Figure 4. Close up of the Corvette Type