Entry 18/10/2016

Walking out into the Real World:

I wanted to dedicate a blog to discovering the kind of jobs I might be applying for

after completing the course. The went for a simple keyword search for most job

searching sites ( CV-Library Ltd. 2016) going along the lines of “3D Artist” or

“3D Modeller” this gave me good results relating to the games industry. The

east of the country does contain a lot of games companies, usually around the

Cambridge, London area so location, though maybe a struggle, are entirely

reasonable travel times for me.


A lot of the job opportunities request 1 – 3 years of some commercial based

experience. Given the amount of modelling I’ve completed and pre-export

checklists for game ready assets, I believe I could make a case for myself in

overcoming this hurdle.


A job which uses everything which defines my dissertation is found in a job posted

by Cloud Imperium Games, Manchester. (CloudImperiumGames. 2014)


  • Hard surface modeling experience.
  • Strong working knowledge of 3DS Max and Photoshop
  • An eye for detail while maintaining efficient model making
  • Experience applying and tweaking shaders
  • A keen eye for Industrial Design
  • Excellent sense of form, mass and volume.
  • Passion for pushing the state of the art in asset fidelity and production techniques.
  • High degree of self-motivation and initiative.


  • Experience with Cry Engine.
  • Experience using ZBrush or Mudbox for organic shapes.
  • Knowledge and/or experience with PBR (physically based rendering).
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • An avid gamer.
  • A love of Sci-Fi
  • Experience in vehicle or industrial design.


Apart from my lack of knowledge in Cry Engine, I can certainly make a case

through my portfolio work and my previous blogs that I’m capable of the work

they require. Given its for the developer working on Star Citizen (A game I’ve

referenced previously for its poly counts) they are going to require extremely

high detailed models, making it one of the harder job prospects.


This job encompasses everything we have been taught over the three years

(Datascope. 2016) and is well suited for me. My 3DS Max skill is relatively high

now, and I have superior knowledge of Photoshop and Unity, with my recent

addition of Zbrush and Mudbox to my 3D texturing ability.


My website is also a great way for any potential employers to get an instant view

of my body of work. It contains not only my C.V but all my portfolio work over

three years and is now the home of this dissertation.


A lot of the other Job applications are just variants of each

other, (UstwoStudio. 2016) & (OutplayEntertainmentLtd. 2016). It fills me

with more confidence that I’m more than capable of securing on ability alone,

though positions are still going to be fought over, this only fuels me to work

harder to learn more.



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