Entry 23/09/2016

Audience and Publishing:

I will need start to have an awareness to who my models will appeal to.  Creating

spaceships themselves don’t affect your audience. In design terms, it’s going to

be set by factors such as the Art style, LOD and the point of view the player will

experience the assets from. Now I’ve already discussed the LOD and the point

of view that I’ll be producing the models for. It could be said that the models

would start to lend themselves to someone looking for realism, this is

something I’m intrigued to explore. The art style would either further lend itself

to realism or pull away to a more Sci-Fi/ fictional theme Figure 1.(Jaroslav

Grafskiy. 2016); It is for me to understand and formulate the art-style at a later

date when I have known who my civilisation is and what they stand for. Saying

who my audience is now, is too difficult, I think the next few blogs should be

about the kinds of emotional responses I want to emulate/produce, through

those valuable answers, I can start to build a picture of what traits make up my

civilisation. From there I can use real world objects to help me identify what

produces my stated emotional responses.


Figure 1: HD Modular USSR (Jaroslav Grafskiy. 2016)

I want to discuss how my assets will reach my audience. Given that my models will

only be suitable for a PC,  based on my projected poly count and textures, they

would struggle on mobile systems. Meaning the Android and Apple stores can’t

be used.  The Unity Asset store is the most suitable place for my assets to be

reached Figure 2.(CGPitbull. 2016), searching for some relatable designs on

the asset store I can find lots of low poly 3D and lots of 2D spaceships. This

could be a good possible indication of a need for some high poly ship packs with

good design commonality between them all. This gives me a real goal of

achieving and an idea of the quality I NEED to meet if I’m going to make a

success of this project.


Figure 2: SciFi Fighters S4-S6 (CGPitbull 2016)



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