Entry: 09/09/2016

Introduction to the Dissertation:

Hello and Welcome to my dissertation blog. My names Matthew Allum, and I’m

embarking on a challenging, yet exciting, final year at UCS.

The area I take most enjoyment from is 3D modelling. I believe its rewards are

much more fruitful than other topics. The ability to wield a style guide that you

know will create a particular emotional response is something unique. It’s

allowed me to design some of my favourite pieces in films and games. Those

awe-inspiring spaceships from Star Trek Figure 1. (Kyle C. Haight 2016) and Star

Wars, dropping out  of warp speed, to the Kilimanjaro-class dreadnoughts in

Mass Effect and the tense dogfighting of Elite Dangerous. My passion lies in the

area of designing unique space ships for mainly the PC platform. I’ve chosen

this as a zone to explore deeper. My tools for this dissertation will be 3DS Max

for the main modelling portion, with Photoshop or a different piece of software

being used to texture the models.


Figure 1: USS Enterprise Alternate Reality Version (Kyle C. Haight 2016)

Nevertheless, I understand there must be a detailed backlog of research and

development into how they have come to be.  Researching how other people

have dealt with designing large-scale environmental models, and how I can use

this to help with ship design. Creating ships will require my

development to go a lot deeper into the makeup of the civilisation. As I will

need to reflect the culture’s traits in the ship’s characteristics. Doing so in

the form of style guides and mood boards will only help to focus and allow me to

iterate in a beneficial way.


Through this dissertation, the requirements set in my initial brief will cause

conflict through design choice at some point. Skills I may not pose at this time

will need to be learnt to overcome unforeseen problems. I may blog

about articles which may indirectly effect this dissertation. The use of

milestones for example, well help in developing a time frame which will be

useful to keep me on track towards my final goal.



Haight.K (2016). USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 alternate reality). [image] Available at: http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/USS_Enterprise_(NCC-1701_alternate_reality)?file=USS_Enterprise%27s_upgraded_impulse_drive.jpg [Accessed 09 Sept. 2016].